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​Electro-optical characteristics measurement equipment

Specializing in manufacturing optical measuring instruments.


J&C Tech started out based on display evaluation and is currently a company that specializes in developing, manufacturing, importing and exporting optical characteristic evaluation equipment for various types of light sources and optical components. The company was established based on the experience and know-how accumulated through many years of working in this field. . Considering that user needs are becoming more diverse due to rapidly changing technological developments, existing equipment is bound to have limitations in its functions and usability. Our company's characteristic is that we provide equipment that realizes the best specifications that meet the user's usage conditions or purpose, even if it is only one piece of equipment. Our company's corporate philosophy and founding purpose is the belief that we will supply products that are more outstanding and creative than anyone else's, regardless of whether they are ready-made products from overseas or newly developed products.

Supply of various measuring devices with competitive quality and price

1. Bright contrast: Measures the contrast of FPD under ambient light.

2. FPMSystem: Measurement of luminance, color coordinates, uniformity, viewing angle and defects and stains of FPD

3. Photobiological stability: Evaluate the harmfulness of LED lighting and all light sources to the human body

    (retina damage, cataracts, skin burns, etc.)


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Ambient C/R

Ambient Contrast Ratio_ISO

Bright-room contrast refers to the ratio of the minimum and maximum luminance of the screen, including the light reflected from the display by an external light source. The higher the light-to-room contrast, the clearer and clearer the screen is, and the less affected it is by external light sources. Bright-real-life contrast can be measured using various standards and methods such as ISO, VESA, NIST, and MIL, and also differs depending on the type of display such as OLED or LCD. 


FPD Analysis
Plat Pannel Display View Angle

FPDM, which stands for Flat Panel Display Measurement, is an international guide to measuring and evaluating the image quality of flat panel displays. The viewing angle measuring device is a device that measures the viewing angle characteristics of flat panel displays, LED screens, optical components, optical films, prism light guide plates, etc., and measures the luminance distribution by angle using a goniometer optical system. 


Photobiological stability
광생물학적 안정성 시험

Photobiological safety test equipment is equipment that measures and evaluates the harmful effects of lighting devices or light sources on human eyes or skin. Photobiological safety evaluates exposure risks to ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, and blue light, and classifies product risk levels according to the international standard IEC/EN 62471. Photobiological safety testing equipment can be applied to various light sources such as LED lighting, lasers, and medical devices.


FPD View angle
Conoscopic FPD View Angle

Flat Display Viewing Angle Meter This is equipment that measures the viewing angle (luminance distribution by angle) characteristics of flat panel displays, LED screens, optical components, optical films, prism light guide plates, etc. using a conoscope optical system. It allows for faster measurement than the goniometer method. Therefore, it can be used as in-line equipment for mass production lines.


LED temperature dependenccy
Integrating sphere ambient temp. control

LED light sources show significant differences in their characteristics depending on the surrounding temperature. It is using an air circulation heating method to evaluate temperature characteristics, and is designed to evaluate changes in the luminous flux and spectral characteristics by changing the temperature conditions inside the integrating sphere (25~85℃ ± 0.5℃). It consists of a temperature control unit and four monitoring units.

Spectroscopic BSDF

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