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Optical Scattering

(BSDF, Haze)

In optical scattering measurements, both BSDF and Haze are indicators of scattering distribution, and Haze is expressed as the percentage of light scattered by more than 2.5 degrees through a glass or plastic sample (=scattered transmittance / total transmittance), as defined by ASTM or ISO standards, while BSDF (Bi-directional scattering distribution) is a measure of the angular scattering distribution of light reflected or transmitted from the surface of a material.

- Optical Scattering(BSDF, Haze) measurement equipment / service provided

Optical Scattering Distribution

전기광학 측정 장비 전문가

J&C Tech Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in developing, manufacturing optical characteristic evaluation equipment for various types of light sources and optical components. They started with flat panel display (LCD, OLED, LED) evaluation and have since developed electro-optical/thermal measurement equipment for ToF and Flash LiDAR, as well as optical scattering instruments for various films and optical filters, with their own technology.

In addition to supplying measurement equipment, they also provide measurement services for BSDF (Bi-directional Scattering Distribution Function), transmittance, Haze and FoI (Field of Illumination).

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Nano Active Sensing Flash LiDAR
JNCTECH Business Vision

Nano Active Sensing Camera

We are a specialized measurement equipment company that has been engaged in the evaluation of light scattering, spectral analysis, electro-optical characteristics, optical design, and circuit design of FPD, OLED, LED, ToF, etc. for 20 years. Our products are high-quality electrical/optical measuring equipment recognized at home and abroad and are used in various industrial fields. 

Based on this technological know-how, we are expanding our business into cutting-edge technology fields such as Nano Active Sensing Flash LiDAR and hyperspectral cameras

These technologies can be applied to various fields such as autonomous driving, drones, robots, medicine, environment, and security.

Spectroscopic BSDF

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