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​Electrical / optical characteristics measurement service

We are a company specializing in optical measurement services.


J&C Tech provides solutions for customers who find it difficult to purchase expensive electro-optical measurement equipment. We provide electro-optical measurement services. This allows you to accurately perform the measurements you need. ​


Please contact us if you would like to know more about the equipment below.

Light Distribution Curve

Luminairies Luminous Intensity

Lighting distribution curve.png

LED lighting light distribution curve measurement evaluation based on LM79 ​



■ Detector: Illuminance meter, spectrometer

■ Accuracy: Phi / Azimuth: ±90˚ ± 0.01˚

■ Scan Time: 45min

■ Sample size: 1500*600mm) ​ 

LED Beam Angle

LED Property

LED 지향각

LED package beam angle



■ CIE 127 condition type A, B

■ Detector: 0.5" integrating sphere

■ Detector Range: 250 - 950nm

■ Beam angle, dominant wavelength,      color coordinates, CCT, CRI,

    L-I-V curve


Optical Scattering

bsdf goniometry

BRDF / BTDF measurement services


  ■ Halogen, Laser (405, 530, 645nm)

  ■ Reflectance and transmittance,            Spectrograph(option)

Angular BTDF.png


Hyper Spectral Imaging

Hyper Spectral Imaging

Hyper Spectral Imaging services


  ■ Resolution: 2440x2048pxl

  ■ 400nm~1000nm, 20nm interval

Hyper Spectral Imaging spectrum

3D View Angle

​FPD property

BEF film View Angle.png

LED, OLED Viewing Angle


  ■ Measurement Area: 6mm

  ■ Working Distance: 2~5mm

BEF film 3D View Angle.png.jpg

Ambient Contrast Ratio

FPD Property

Ambient Visibility based on standards, VESA, NIST, MIL, ISO


 ■ Test view angle : 10o, 20o, 30o

 ■ Illuminance : 500lx ~ 30,000lx

View Angle vs. Ambient Contrast Ratio
Ambient Contrast Ratio w illumination
Spectroscopic BSDF

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