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▣ ToF Test(In-Line)

ToF lens FoI inspection_Imaging Screen


■ 3D sensing module can be measured

■ Wavelength range: 800~1,000nm

■ Measuring distance: 10mm

■ Wide angle measurement: +/- 70o

Face ID technology, used in iPhone cell phones as a next-generation biometric identification method, uses a camera system consisting of a dot projector, an IR camera, and a projection illuminator. In general, beam profile measurement uses a goniometer to measure two-dimensional or three-dimensional light distribution by rotating the instrument or rotating the sample. However, this method involved complex measurement equipment and took a considerable amount of time to measure. Several companies have introduced a method using a conoscope lens as a method that has been introduced since then, but this is also a major obstacle due to cost, making it difficult to introduce, and the lack of system stability has been pointed out as a problem. The method applied here was designed to make it possible to secure more accurate data at a relatively low cost. In addition, the user-oriented driving program displays measured values ​​in various charts and graphs for analysis and can be conveniently operated.


The SDV series has a compact, reliable design and stable structure in fields where light distribution at each angle must be measured using a conoscope optical system, and doubles the reproducibility and accuracy of data. The fast measurement speed of this technology is completely unaffected by external light and is especially suitable for 100% inspection in development or production lines that require large quantities of measurement.

IN-Line Test Criteria

Vcsel diffuser in-line inpection

In-Line Inspection in Progress

Time of Flight in-line FoI test

Fully Automated Operation

Spectral Coverage of 400~1000nm 

Capable of measuring Vcsel, Diffuser NG(red)/OK(green) classification 

SC Specification

Field of Interest test specification
Spectroscopic BSDF

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