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▣ ToF measurement (conoscope)

ToF Lens FoI Conoscope


 ■ 3D sensing module can be measured

 ■ Wavelength range: 800~1,000nm

 ■ Measuring distance: 10mm

 ■ Wide angle measurement: +/- 70o​

Face ID technology, used in iPhone cell phones as a next-generation biometric identification method, uses a camera system consisting of a dot projector, an IR camera, and a projection illuminator. In general, beam profile measurement uses a goniometer to measure two-dimensional or three-dimensional light distribution by rotating the instrument or rotating the sample. However, this method involved complex measurement equipment and took a considerable amount of time to measure. Several companies have introduced a method using a conoscope lens as a method that has been introduced since then, but this is also a major obstacle due to cost, making it difficult to introduce, and the lack of system stability has been pointed out as a problem. The method applied here was designed to make it possible to secure more accurate data at a relatively low cost. In addition, the user-oriented driving program displays measured values ​​in various charts and graphs for analysis and can be conveniently operated.

The SDV series has a compact, reliable design and stable structure in fields where light distribution at each angle must be measured using a conoscope optical system, and doubles the reproducibility and accuracy of data. The fast measurement speed of this technology is completely unaffected by external light and is especially suitable for 100% inspection in development or production lines that require large quantities of measurement.

ToF Diffuse Lens

Field of Illumination tester

SDV Specification

Conoscope Field of Illumination Spec

Goniometric System

Goniometric ToF FoI

Wide Measurement Angle with Improved Accuracy

VCSEL Driver(PWM, 200MHz)

Capable of measuring Vcsel, Diffuser

Vcsel Driver LIV
Spectroscopic BSDF

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