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▣ Large Integrating Sphere


■ ​The largest supply with many years of technology

■ Possesses integrating sphere surface treatment technology

■ Implementation of accuracy through stable data verification

■ optical and electrical characteristics evaluation

■ Automatic measurement possible 

2m 광속구

The Lamp Measurement System is a facility designed to measure the luminous flux and spectral distribution of various lamps. The main components of this system are an integrating sphere, a power supply, a spectrometer, and a control computer coordinated to obtain results automatically. Sizes supplied for each system are 4", 12", 40", 60", and 80", and other custom sizes are also available. ​


As suggested in LM-80, the characteristics of LED light sources show significant differences depending on the surrounding temperature. In the case of our LMS System, we adopt original patented technology for electro-optical characteristic evaluation according to operating temperature.

Lamp Measurement System Configuration

Lamp Measurement System configuration

Technical features (temperature dependence of LED lighting)

Looking at the change in optical characteristics according to ambient temperature, a wavelength shift occurs as the ambient temperature increases (generally 0.1 to 0.3 nm/K), and in the case of high-efficiency devices, B(-0.05%/oC) => W(-0.3%/ The amount of light decreases in the following order: oC) => G(-0.35%/oC) => R(-0.83%/oC) => A(-1.05%/oC). Controlling operating conditions in product design is important. Since the cost is high, it can be said that it is desirable to use devices or products that are optimal for the operating conditions to be used.


The importance of the electro-optical characteristic evaluation function according to ambient temperature, for which our company holds an original patent, is emerging both domestically and internationally. Due to the characteristics of LED devices in addition to the existing optical characteristics, the change in light amount compared to the ambient temperature according to the ambient temperature is based on a cubic linear equation. However, unlike individual products, the tendency varies depending on the heat dissipation design of the array, module, or light source, so it is necessary to evaluate the operating temperature dependence of the actual product to improve quality. The graph below shows the relationship between temperature and electro-optical characteristics.

Temp. Dependency of LED / Automation Flow Chart

LED 조명의 온도의 존성
LED 전자동 측정 시퀜스

Other Types of Integrating Sphere

적분구 2m Temp.
적분구 1.5m
보급형 적분구 2m
Spectroscopic BSDF

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