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▣ LED Beam Angle


■ Sample size up to 80mm

■ Comply with CIE condition A and B

■ Accurate data through stable data verification

■ optical and electrical characteristics evaluation

LED 지향각

LED luminous intensity or directivity angle (far field beam distribution) is measured according to conditions A and B specified in CIE 127. Depending on the sample, various operating conditions need to be evaluated at operating temperature, so the power supply and detector are determined by the user. It can be configured to suit measurement conditions. ​


The VA3000 series is designed to satisfy both CIE conditions A and B, and can be equipped with a photometer to measure the light intensity distribution by angle or to perform spectrum analysis by installing a spectroscopic analyzer. The measurable wavelength range ranges from UV, VIS, and NIR, and must be optimized for each measurement range or sample when reviewing equipment. Electro-optical data can be output, including I-V-L and angle vs. These include luminous intensity, dominant wavelength, color coordinates, color temperature, color rendering, etc.

Operation Program

led 지향각 데이타


The image below is an example of a 4 pin muti-chip LED and measurement jig, and is designed to obtain stable and reproducible data and to be compatible with other measuring devices. Additionally, samples can be mounted with a simple operation, reducing measurement time.

LED 지그

Spectral coverage : 350 - 950nm
2,3 dimensional distribution of•  Luminous Intensity
•  Dominant Wavelength
•  Color coordinate
•  Correlated Color Temperature
•  Color Rendering Index

Spectroscopic BSDF

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