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▣ BSDF(Conoscope Type) System


■ Evaluation of scattering characteristics by wavelength 

■ 2D, 3D, BSDF (BRDF, BTDF) evaluation 

■ Transmission and reflection characteristics for surface analysis

■ Data compatibility with optical design programs

    (ASAP, Speos, TracePro, Light Tools)

Conoscopic BSDF

SDR-300S adopts a conoscopic lens method that dramatically improves the problems of wide-angle measurement, optical system alignment, and measurement time, which are the shortcomings of existing goniophotometric measurement devices, and doubles the reproducibility and accuracy of data by using an optical CCD with cooling. .  With its compact design and low price, isotropic scattering transmission reflection analysis (BSDF) is possible within a few seconds, making it easy to apply to production lines. It is also a huge advantage.

Optical Scattering Property

Optical scattering property

SDR Series Specification

BSDF specification
Spectroscopic BSDF

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