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▣ Goniophotometer


■ Largest supply with many years of technology

■ Max 1500*600mm measurement possible

■ Accurate data through stable data verification

■ optical and electrical characteristics evaluation


GoniLED-150S consists of a sample mounting jig, a spectrometry, illuminance and power supply, and measures the light distribution, spectral characteristics, and electrical characteristics of lighting fixtures, LCDs, LEDs, and LED modules, and displays them in various analysis graphs using dedicated software. It shows. This system meets the measurement standards of the domestic standard KS and the International Illumination Committee CIE and is designed to measure the absolute luminous flux of LED devices and modules, enabling interconnection with the total luminous flux and total luminous flux of the integrating sphere system.

Block Diagram

배광 시험기 구성

Operation Program

배광시험기 구동 프로그램

Goni Reporter (Output Data Types)

배광 Data Reporter
배광 IES file
배광 데이터 | 배광각, 반치폭, 연색성
Spectroscopic BSDF

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