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Flash ToF LIV


■ Total power, peak wavelength, wavelength distribution

■ Possesses Korea’s only matte processing technology

■ Vcsel package, module pulse drive driver circuit technology

■ Accurate data through stable data verification

    (Optical and electrical characteristics evaluation)

LIV-60IPT consists of an integrating sphere, temperature control module, pulse power supply, optical power meter, or spectroscopic analyzer to measure the electro-optical characteristics of VCSEL or infrared laser elements, which are core components of 3D sensing modules. It is designed to allow for various sizes of jigs and configurations to suit the type of sample and measurement purpose. The measurable wavelength range is from 820 to 1000 nm and must be optimized for each measurement range or sample. Data that can be output include optical power, temperature dependence of peak wavelength, etc., and samples can be easily attached and detached. In addition, classification and NG/OK judgment are possible through the device's LI and LIV sweep functions, luminance, and bin classification.

The LIV series has a compact, reliable design and stable structure in fields where spectroscopic analysis and electro-optical characteristics must be measured, and doubles the reproducibility and accuracy of data. The fast measurement speed of this technology is completely unaffected by external light and is especially suitable for 100% inspection in development or production lines that require large quantities of measurement.

Light-Current-Voltage(LIV) Test

Vcsel LIV Test data

LIV Specification

Vcsel LIV Tester Specification

In-Line Inspection System

SC-300E (Imaging Screen Field of Interest)

Fully Automated Operation

Spectral Coverage of 400~1000nm 

Capable of measuring Vcsel, Diffuser

ToF Lens in-line FoI QC
Spectroscopic BSDF

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