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LED, Luminaries Electrical / Optical Equipment

Everything about LED lighting evaluation ​


J&C Tech is a specialized developer of light sources and optical evaluation equipment such as LED lighting, 3D sensing cell phone camera module, and ToF infrared VCSEL. We produce equipment for evaluating the electrical, optical, and thermal characteristics of light sources such as LED lighting, such as integrating spheres, light distribution testers, and beam angle measuring equipment. Temperature dependence evaluation equipment provides optimal optical characteristics of LED elements and lighting modules under operating temperature conditions. It is possible to evaluate a condition that represents


LED Beam Distribution

Light distribution, spectral characteristics, and electrical characteristics of lighting fixtures, LCDs, LEDs, and LED modules can be measured and displayed on various analysis graphs using dedicated software. In addition, it meets the measurement standards of the domestic standard KS and the CIE, and can be interconnected with the total luminous flux and total luminous flux of the integrating sphere system.


Integrating Sphere
2m 적분구

An integrating sphere for LED lighting is a device designed to measure the luminous flux and spectral distribution of LED lighting. Available in various sizes such as 4", 12", 40", 60", and 80", the surface of the integrating sphere has a reflectivity of 96% and can evaluate optical and electrical properties such as luminous flux, color temperature, and color rendering.


LED Beam Angle
LED beam angle

It is a facility that measures the distribution of light emitted from a small light source and analyzes spectral characteristics such as total luminous flux, color temperature, color coordinates, and color rendering. Measurements are performed based on conditions A and B specified in CIE 127, and the measurable wavelength range is Up to UV, VIS, and NIR, electro-optical data can be output.

CRI Simulator

Smart Lighting design
Color Rendering Index simulator

When using various light sources in optical environment design, the optical characteristics of optical components or the reflection characteristics of the optical space are often overlooked. If you work on optical design or emotional lighting design by considering the characteristics of each component that exists in the optical space, you can increase time and cost efficiency.

LED Master

LED / module test
LED Master

It is possible to respond from 250 to 950 nm through various sizes of jigs and configurations, and measurement items include luminance, dominant wavelength, color coordinates, color temperature, and color rendering. In addition, classification and NG/OK judgment are possible through the device's LIV sweep function and luminance and color coordinate bin classification.

Spectroscopic BSDF

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