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▣ LED Master


■ Possesses integrating sphere surface treatment technology

■ Accurate data through stable data verification

■ Optical and electrical characteristics evaluation

■ Equipped with automatic continuous measurement function

LED Master.png

The LED-Master 120 series consists of an integrating sphere, temperature control module, power supply, photodiode or spectrometer to measure the optical characteristics of individual LEDs. It is designed to allow for various sizes of jigs and configurations to suit the type of sample and measurement purpose. The measurable wavelength range is from 250 to 950 nm and must be optimized for each measurement range or sample. Data that can be printed include luminance, dominant wavelength, color coordinates, color temperature, and color rendering, and can be easily attached and detached. In addition, the device's I-V, L-I-V sweep function, luminance, and color coordinate bin and NG/OK judgment are possible through classification.

Jig for each LED Package type

LED mounting Jig.png

Other Types of LED tester Series

LED Package Tester.png
Spectroscopic BSDF

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