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▣ Spectro Haze System


 ■ VIS ~ NIR haze measurement possible

 ■ Freedom in the size of the measurement specimen

 ■ Spectral Transmittance/haze by wavelength

 ■ Fully automatic equipment for mass production

Spectro Haze Meter.png

The JCH-300S can measure the total light transmittance and Haze (haze / haze / turbidity) of the light diffusion plate of LED lighting as well as solid, liquid, film and plastic specimen without additional sample preparation. It can also be configured to measure Spectral property with wavelength ranges from UV to NIR(250 to 1,000nm) as an additional specification. The performance of light diffusion plates or films used in lighting or displays, which are currently an issue, can be evaluated by transmittance and haze (diffusivity) values. As permeability increases, diffusivity decreases, and as diffusivity increases, permeability decreases.  The diffuser plate, which is commonly used in optics, has a transmittance of approximately 85%. To increase light efficiency and control light distribution, it is essential to enhance the performance of this optical component. Furthermore, this component can be used to analyze the transmission characteristics of glass ITO coating in the solar cell industry, which is a green energy source and has various useful applications.

Glass haze for solar cells

Solar Cell Haze.jpg

The Objective Standard for a Transmittance property

  - Total / Diffuse / Parallel transmittance

  -  Spectral / Colorimetric Analysis

  - UV / VIS / IR analysis

  -  Haze 

Quick Measurement of Variety of Samples

  - Automatic and long-term calibration allow easy and fast operation

  - Open sample area for small and large specimens

  - Ready for measurement without warm-up time

In-Line Inspection System

In-line Camera Window Hole Haze.png

Fully Automated Operation

Spectral Coverage of 400~1000nm 

Capable of measuring 1mm in diameter (0.5mm optional)

Small Spot Haze Optical Layout 3.png
Spectroscopic BSDF

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